There is a cosmic web of love and wisdom surrounding us every moment. Patiently waiting for us to allow it in, waking up to the divinity of our existence.

Welcome, my Fellow Traveler. Welcome to this space of Truth, Awakening, and Transformation.

This space is designed to journey into the hearts of our Desires, Higher Self, Ancestors, Collective history, and Consciousness beyond human scale.

It’s through these journeys, we uncover how forces beyond us are in constant play with us. Nudging us, stopping us in our tracks to come face to face with our shadows, bringing us innumerable challenges, suffering, opportunities, and resources – All to guide us towards our Creativity, Joy, and Divinity.

Using the guiding principles of Ancestral Healing, Family Constellations, Energy Healing, Astrology, Spiritual Evolution, and Personal Destiny, we will uncover and transform the underlying roots of our suffering and illuminate our Soul Path.

This systemic lens on life brings us the much needed internal freedom and enables us to hear the quiet whisperings of our Heart. 

Ancestral Healing uncovers the hidden roots of life’s issues. Our issues can have roots in the obvious like unhappy families, trauma, loss, poverty, or death of loved ones. Our issues can also have roots in the not so obvious past ancestral suffering. Unearthing these roots not only heals but protects our children from the burden of carrying that pain. Learn More

Energy Healing Sessions are designed to invoke Divine Grace and Healing to recreate the energy matrix of our underlying situations. Thes sessions are done in an energetic field that is beyond duality. Here we open the portal to higher consciousness, and invoke Divine Grace to claim our intentions with humility and love. Learn More

Monthly sessions are designed to support your long term healing needs. These are best suited if you have not done a lot of personal growth work. Or if you are dealing with significant amounts of trauma. Multiple support levels with heart-centered pricing are available. Learn More

My name is Seema Agarwal. I am a mystic, a truth seeker, and a transformation catalyst. I care deeply about the individual awakening and shaping of our collective consciousness. I started my professional career as an Engineer but soon realized that my inner devotion and love towards the Divine outweighed everything. This love led me through a journey of healing, awakening, and weeding out that from my consciousness which keeps me separate.

My work these days focusses on holding space for others so they can release their personal, intergenerational, and historical trauma. Using tools like Systemic Family Constellations, Mantra Chanting, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys.

I create a compassionate and courageous space to explore the hidden roots of suffering and liberation. This same space enables us to birth the healing and freedom one needs to walk out of the old paradigms. This internal liberation prevents us from perpetuating the same suffering to others and we finally become part of the larger solution the world is looking for.