How to Explain that Social Activism is Spirituality

by Aug 1, 2020

A lot of us struggle with the relationship between spirituality and activism. Capitalism has turned spirituality into an isolated pursuit of love and light. Concepts of our innate divinity are being used to turn a blind eye from the gross injustices and oppression that our social systems are built upon. Which further perpetuates oppression, racism, colonization, patriarchy, and poverty. And continues the vicious cycle of blaming the victim for their state. Privilege and innocence blind us to the fact that one can rise into spirituality only when our fundamental physical and financial needs are met. 

Those who care and feel for the world around them, organically know that being spiritual means showing up for life around you. Not everyone can pitch in equally. Which is understandable. But there are many who are confused about the link between spirituality and social activism. So how do we speak the truth to them?

Initially, spiritual growth brings the internal organization to make peace with our suffering and create meaning in our lives. We also build the necessary self-love, self-worth, confidence, and excitement to tap into creativity and possibilities. But with the advancement in spirituality, we start transcending our identities tied with just our physical form. That means our consciousness starts to expand our concept of Self no longer ties to just that one body that we seem to live in.

Everything that exists – all humans of all colors and all races living in all countries, all animals, all of the environment, all of the solar system, all of the Universe is understood and experienced as SELF. If any life is in pain, we feel that pain. With an increase in spirituality – we feel more, we relate more, we love more, we give more, we receive more, we become responsible for more, and we stand up for more – BECAUSE WE REALIZE WE ARE MORE.

Social justice, equality, community, and the divine right to belong become a right for each part of our Self. We feel pain when one part of our Self violates others. We will not decorate one part of our Self to let the other rot. Therefore our level of spirituality is reflected in the depths of our compassion, love, service, and responsibilities in action. 

Spirituality is being a Social and Political Activist.

Spirituality is Showing up and Engaging.

Spirituality is Whole Self Love.