About Seema

I am Seema Agarwal – a South Asian woman, living in Boston, mystic, truth-seeker, and a transformation catalyst. I care deeply about the individual awakening and shaping of our collective consciousness. I started my professional career as an Engineer but soon realized that my inner devotion and love towards the Divine outweighed everything. This love led me through a journey of healing, awakening, and weeding out that from my consciousness which keeps me separate. 

The never-ending quest for understanding life’s mysteries brought me to many long spiritual journeys in India and the West, where I spent a considerable amount of time learning the different streams of wisdom – Divine Union through Yoga, Transpersonal Psychology, Family Constellations, Ancestral Healing, Energy Healing, Breathwork, Mantras, Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys. At some point in my journey all the personal and collective suffering within me exploded and I became at peace with the world. 

My life these days has placed me in the hands of the Divine Mother. Under her guidance, I am learning what it means to be Shakti. She is leading me through an intense amount of internal deconstruction, sacred initiation, and welcoming of the Sacred Feminine. From this space, I am made ready to hold space for women of color and empower them to liberate the indigenous wisdom in their blood.

You can read more about my Systemic Healing Approach.