About Seema

Welcome to my corner of the world. My name is Seema Agarwal. Born in India, migrated to the US (Boston) , a spiritual being having a human experience, navigating my way through – personal and collective suffering, patriarchy, racism, privilege, immigration, colonization, intense longing for a better world, a multi-dimensional spirituality and transforming my consciousness in this rich landscape.

Truth is that human life has always fascinated me and human suffering has perplexed me. There is an inner knowing that I came here on Earth to study that and explore an easier, lighter path. Even in the midst of deep suffering there was meant to be meaning, grace and devotion. But somewhere along the way we forgot something significant and got engaged into repeating historical patterns of suffering.

The never-ending quest for understanding these mysteries brought me to many long spiritual journeys in India and the West, where I spent considerable amount of time learning the different streams of wisdoms – namely Divine Union through Yoga, Breath work, Mantras, Family Ancestral Constellations, Energy Healing, Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys. I spent considerable amount of my life in silence hearing the voice of the Beloved within me, surrendered in that love. I have explored leaning out by cultivating higher consciousness through renunciation; and leaning in by going into the eye of the storm. At some point when the personal mysteries started becoming clear, I started seeing the divine humor in life.

My life these days has placed me in the hands of the Divine Mother. Under her guidance I am learning what it means to be Shakti and the process one goes through when the Shakti within is awakening. There is an intense amount of internal deconstruction that is happening within me under the guidance of the Divine Mother. This is a sacred initiation and welcoming of the Divine Feminine which needs to rise up in her full glory to lead us in the next phase of consciousness. From this space, I am deeply passionate about holding space for women of color and helping them liberate the indigenous wisdom in their blood.