Advanced ThetaHealing


When we go deeper into higher dimensions of existence, we realize that we exist in everything and everything exists in us. 

Advanced ThetaHealing


Advanced ThetaHealing® Workshop expands on the information covered in the Basic Thetahealing workshop. Here we will go deeper into the understanding of the Seven Planes of Dimensions and deepen our ability to work with them for personal healing and transformation. Each participant will receive lots of healing which is a huge blessing in our evolutionary journey. It is said that the amount of healing received in this workshop amounts to learning that takes approximately 240 lives to gather. Some of the most important topics are healing the baby in the womb, retrieving soul fragments, healing a broken soul and releasing deep sorrow, grief and resentment. And finally the most loved topic is working with the Universal Laws and learning how to Bend Time. To learn more about this modality, please go to Theta Healing.

Workshop Components

3 day event with some bonus components for continued support.

3 Day Workshop

3-Day (Fri-Sun) Advanced ThetaHealing workshop (10-6pm)

Personal Mentoring

1 personal mentoring session to discuss personal challenges and review how to use advanced Theta Healing techniques to transform on personal and ancestral levels and deepen the ability to manifest.

Group Mentoring

2 group mentoring sessions to review the Advanced ThetaHealing techniques, review  systemic usage of Theta Healing to heal on personal and ancestral levels and review the techniques to collaborate with multi dimensional consciousness.

Prerequisite – Basic ThetaHealing workshop
Workshop also includes Advanced ThetaHealing book, Workshop manual and a Certificate of Completion.


Core Learning Components

Introduction to ThetaHealing

  • Introduction to principles of ThetaHealing®
  • Tapping into the Love from different dimensions of Existence
  • Introduction to different Universal Laws
  • Connecting with transitioned Ancestors and Loved Ones
  • Connecting with Guardian Angels and Spiritual guides

Healing Tools and Techniques 

  • Deep dive into how thoughts, feelings and beliefs are formed and how they affect us
  • Identify and change, blocking Beliefs held in the Core, Genetic, Historic and Soul levels.
  • Release Fears, Regrets, Resentments
  • Complete life lessons and release from karmic patterns
  • Release outside energy lodged into our bodies

Invoke your Sacred Self

  • Invoke Divine Self Love in every cell of your being
  • Learn to balance hormones and brain chemicals
  • Activate all 12 strands of DNA within you
  • Activate the Youth and Vitality gene
  • Increase intuition and psychic abilities
  • Step into your grounded PRESENCE
  • Raise your consciousness to Love and Compassion

Stepping into your Power

  • Arranging your Self to the Energy you want to show up in
  • Honoring and protecting your Sacred Empath Self
  • Increasing love and harmony in your personal relationships
  • Learn to bring your A game to your professional endeavors
  • Learn to honor your Life Force and precious Time on Earth
  • Manifest and Create your Life Visions



Do I really need the Advanced ThetaHealing workshop if I have completed the Basic Thetahealing workshop?
Advanced ThetaHealing workshop goes deeper into working with the consciousness of the Seven Dimensions of existence and the Laws of the Universe. In addition, each participant is given tons of healing on various different issues. It is said that the amount of healing received in this workshop amounts to learning that takes approximately 240 lives to gather. This deepens our ability to self transform and tap into Divine Grace. That being said, there is divine timing to everything in life. So please embark on this journey when and if the time feels right to you.
What kind of support is offered after the workshop is over?
One personal mentoring session, two group mentoring sessions, and access to a private Facebook group are provided for continued support. These extra components are at no additional cost to you and require a larger time commitment from my end. And that is my commitment to you as your mentor.
How many ThetaHealing® workshop does one need to take to be an expert at healing?
ThetaHealing is a dynamic modality that continues to evolve to help us access new levels of healing and self realization. While there is no limit to the amount one can learn, my advice would be to at least take the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing courses. These two courses really help cement the understanding and use of this modality. After that continued practice and experience can help one hone their healing skills.