Ancestral Healing

I am a good person. Why am I suffering?

Why do I end up so far away from where I want to go…..I work so hard but why am I not getting enough results….

Am I really in charge here?……Do I really have free will?

Why does it feel like I am living someone else’s life? I have seen this story before……someone in my family……

Maybe my life challenges didn’t really start with my life, and perhaps my hard work is not what is going to get me out of here…..

Is this mystery what people call Karma? Is there a way forward from here?


This is where Ancestral Healing can seriously help.

Ancestral Healing, aka Family Constellations, helps uncover the hidden systemic picture of our life.


It reveals why our seemingly straightforward issues can have complex roots in our ancestral and historical past.

When the root issues are resolved, that healing echoes in every part of our life, bringing us freedom of choice and the courage to live an authentic life.

If this is your First Ancestral Healing with us:-

Step 1 – Initial Checkin

In-depth Exploration of your situation and will focus on collecting all the familial and ancestral information relevant to your situation. This appointment will be 60 mins long. 

Step 2 – Systemic Constellation

Systemic Family Constellation session. Using a systemic lens, we will look at your life as a living family tree with roots in your ancestral and global history. Using objects, we will map the living field of your life to uncover how your ancestral roots are nourishing or challenging your life. Once these hidden mysteries become clear we will move into the needful healing movements that will help you move forward in your life authentically. This entire process will be 2-3 hours long.

Step3 – Followup

Post Constellation Follow-Up to help you process all the unfolding transformations and offer additional support to meet your intentions. If required, you will be given some energy healing medicine in this session. This process will last 60 mins.

Total investment for all the Steps in the Ancestral Healing Package is $400.  Sessions are held in person, over Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

Book your Step 1 – Initial Check In Session

If this is your Second, Third…Ancestral Healing Session:-

We have your Family Tree and History from your first session. So we will jump directly to the Constellation Session.

Systemic Family Constellation session to uncover your inner landscape, ancestral consciousness and the hidden mysteries that is holding you back. All of this will lead into a systemic release and liberate your life to step into your present and the future that is calling you. 

Total investment for a followup Ancestral Healing Session is $250. Sessions are held in person, over Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.


Common Issues explored in Ancestral Healing Package

Personal Issues

Developmental deficits; persistent negative feelings; blocked free will; destructive impulses; feeling stuck; lack of self-love; unworthiness; guilt; shame; anger; depression; grief; procrastination; obesity or underweight; heart closed to love…

Familial Issues

Difficult relationships with parents, children or siblings; marital conflicts; lack of peace in family; experiencing similar relationship issues like your parents; divorce; persistent singlehood; unprocessed loss due to deaths, murders or separation…

Professional and Financial Issues

Persistent failures; recurring harmful financial decisions; recurring financial loss; unable to hold a job; difficult relationship with authority or supervisor; lack of voice; lack of personal power; fear of entrepreneurship…

Social Issues

History of patriarchy, racism, slavery, privilege, oppression, colonization and immigration in your lineage and its unique impact on your life. Feeling disconnected to the roots and wisdom of your land and ancestors; feeling trapped in your unique cultural factors…

Life Purpose Issues

Lack of courage when paving a brand new path; feeling out of place; feeling a lack of purpose; living your family’s desires; confusion about what you really want; creativity blocks; lack of engagement with life; feeling a lack of possibilities; difficulty bringing your gifts to the world…

Spiritual Issues

Lack of intuition; burdened empath self; absorbing outside energies; difficulty in receiving the support of your Spiritual Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Universal Laws and the web of resources around us; need clarity about Soul’s evolutionary desires; lack of connection with your internal Guru…