Ancestral Healing Immersion Program 2019

Ancestral Healing Immersion Program is a deep experiential journey into exploring your and your ancestors lives; the connection between your Ancestors fates and your suffering; and the healing that is possible for you and your lineage.

When nothing else works, constellations usually always do. They access a field of consciousness which is invisible to the conscious mind and therefore can reveal the hidden truth behind our situations. When that truth is acknowledged, it does set us free.

This is deep sacred work that is essential if we want to create lasting peace and freedom in our lives. To learn more about this modality, please go to Family Constellations 

Pain travels through family unless
someone is ready to heal it in
themselves. And when they do, not
only do they heal but they also stop
perpetuating that suffering to their
future generations.

This program is the right fit for you if –

Are struggling with challenges in some aspect of your relational, financial, emotional or spiritual lives and surface level solutions are no longer working….

Have Ancestors and Family who have lived painful fates and you see a similar pattern repeating itself and you want it to STOP….

Have tasted some healing and transformation and therefore built some strength in your nervous system….

Have the courage, openness and humility to see the deeper hidden truths of your life and lineage….

Long to have a space that can truly hold and accept ALL of you – in your complete darkness and light without needing to be any other way….

Long to understand why things have been that way in your life, why you have made the choices you have and how the deeper ancestral forces hold the keys to our freedom…



Program Curriculum

  • Principles of Ancestral Healing aka Family Constellations
  • Why do Ancestors matter and hold a secret key to our happiness in life?
  • How our family stories and events influence our belief systems, behaviors and life choices?
  • How do we show up as our Mothers and Fathers to repeat it all over again?
  • Meeting the Wisdom Keepers – Our Bodies
  • How does our energetic inheritance limit or enhance our capacity for love, happiness, freedom of choice, success, and well-being?
  • Why do we have the emotional, relational, financial and spiritual challenges we have in life? Is it all our fault? Is there a deeper untapped truth that can set us free?
  • Can we finally put down the burden of our griefs, pain, suffering and traumas? What does that really look like? 
  • Releasing sacred unconscious contracts that tie us down
  • Stepping into our intuition, wisdom and ability to see the deeper truths of life
  • Living with a greater flow of love, compassion and understanding of the laws of Life.
  • Birthing our Sacred Selves, meeting our authentic desires and opening new possibilities


Workshop Format

This event is an in-person intensive. Each day includes – 

  • Short lectures – These lectures will illuminate Ancestral Healing (Family Constellation) concepts, different ways in which we get entangled with our ancestral suffering, their impact on our emotional, physical, relational and financial life and learning new ways of receiving support from our ancestors/spiritual resources.

  • Group Exercises – These are mini ancestral healing processes (constellations) done in groups of 2 or 3 people where each person gets a mini healing, insight and learning about the interplay of their lineage and life. These exercises are powerful processes packed in a short amount of time.

  • Individual Ancestral Healing Process – These are large group constellations to explore in depth healing on personal situations supported by the entire group.

All the lectures, exercises, group constellations will offer everyone equally the chance to learn about life and relationships on a very deep, experiential level.


Program Registration Details


Cohort Model – 2 Full Days
Nov 16, Nov 17, 2019
9.30 am – 6.30 pm


Roots and Wings Yoga and Healing Arts.
317 N Main St, Natick, MA, 01760




For additional questions, please reach to us at or 508 243 3534. 


What is Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral Healing aka Family Constellations is a unique healing modality that helps uncover and uproot the hidden roots of our challenges, suffering and trauma in life. This wisdom looks at the individual as a living family tree with roots in ancestral and global history. This systemic lens helps us understand how the reverberations of our ancestor’s unresolved past shows up in the complexities of our life. It helps us understand why things are the way they are and it finally helps us release the constant suffering, blame, guilt and shame that we may carry. This healing helps at a soul level which organically opens our heart to love and compassion. This process also opens us to deeper mysteries of life and the constant field of love and wisdom around us. 

What is Ancestral Karma?

Ancestral Karma is passed down genetic knowledge, memories and consciousness from our ancestors. These genetic memories also bear the records of traumatic events our ancestors endured or participated in. This usually show up in our lives as instincts and impulses and is the hidden force behind our suffering, emotional/mental/financial challenges, addictions, destructive choices and relationship problems.

I want to sign up but have additional questions.

For additional questions, please reach to us at or 508 243 3534.