Increase Your New Year’s Resolutions Success

Increase Your New Year’s Resolutions Success

A New Year brings renewed hope and excitement — the perfect time to vision and make resolutions. However, statistics report that even during the best of times, generally, only 12% of resolutions result in success. Here we are living in unprecedented times. Survival, environmental, and political challenges, coupled with our invisible internal battles, have complicated human experience beyond measure. Our nervous systems are overwhelmed and continuously dysregulated.

This blog talks about three wisdom strategies – Refined Compassionate Dance – to update our resolution ritual and increase the odds of fulfilling them.

# First – Refine your Resolutions List

Collectively we all are seeking authenticity, peace, and purpose. Our priorities have shifted. The shiny elements of life on our bucket list are most likely replaced by something wholesome. The first wisdom is to refine and reprioritize your resolutions. Anything that creates more work and does not improve the quality of our life and internal freedom has no business demanding we work for it. If your resolutions reflect your deepest aspirations that shape your destiny, you will likely stay the course. 

# Second – Dance with the Restraining Forces

Creation is a dance between the restraining and activating forces of life. The activating forces fuels our desires, imaginations, and our will to create. The restraining forces maintain the status quo by showing up as internal/external setbacks. Both the forces are proportional to the level of transformation your creation will bring to life. So, whether your resolution is about transforming your life, business, or society, expect the restraining forces to show up as unexpected challenges. The second wisdom is making emotional room for these forces, building strategies to work through them, creating back up plans, and getting the right kind of support. This will monumentally increase the odds of your success. 

# Third – Build Compassionate Resilience 

There is a certain charm about discipline and perfection when it comes to resolutions. Understandably, most of us do not make room to derail. But sometimes, we drop so low that getting back on track becomes emotionally so painful that giving up is the feasible option. The third wisdom is to toss out perfections and rigid discipline. Compassionately plan for if you derail. Protect your enthusiasm by intentionally embracing messiness, mistakes, detours, and breaks. Build your resilience by making room for love, fun, humor, grief, sickness, and all the ebbs and flows of life. Align your timeline with the realities of life. 

This Refined Compassionate Dance will help you move forward even if the pace at certain times is slower. If you stay the course, a time will come when internally, things have shifted enough to take shape of excitement, consistency, and a firm belief in your success. So hang in there. 

The New World is Coming

The New World is Coming

Our world is in correction mode,

Creating unprecedented upheaval,

Outburst spilled everywhere.

Not one aspect spared,

Not one remains untouched,

We are all in this together,

Yet so many lost in isolation,

Some of us are not going to make it. 


Heavens are dreaming of that humanity,

Where reaching out is normal,

Where speaking truth is expected,

Collective equality and sharing is celebrated. 

Our hearts are not going to settle,

For anything less than that now.


Quiet down, you, incessant noise,

The rush to reach the top of the mountain,

On a good day, I can hear HER breathing,

All will be well now, 

She is leading the way,

The new world is coming. 

I am a WOMAN

I am a WOMAN

I am wild, crazy and funny
Humble, loving, and caring
Intelligent, smart and savvy
Delicate and strong
Light, dark and the shadow
I am an enigma, I am whole
The Divine Mother, I am a WOMAN

I am just saying NO to men
Dominant, arrogant and in your face ones
Humble, helpful, and spiritual ones too
I am saying NO
Don’t gather me around to teach, preach or dazzle
Let’s share ideas instead

I don’t want you to be my teacher
My guru, my leader, my savior or my guide
I don’t need you to show me the light
Can’t you see?
I am born to find my own way

I don’t want to emotional labor
Offering flowers of my silences
Nodding of my trained approvals
I just want you to be my friend
My lover, my partner, and my EQUAL
Nothing more, Nothing less

Come to me in that spirit
And I might let you into the secret gardens of my Universe
Where gentle and delicate dreams are cooked
Portals of Love and Passion being brewed
Hiding the mysteries of life in my womb

Be still and quiet for a moment
You might just learn a thing or two !!

How to Explain that Social Activism is Spirituality

How to Explain that Social Activism is Spirituality

A lot of us struggle with the relationship between spirituality and activism. Capitalism has turned spirituality into an isolated pursuit of love and light. Concepts of our innate divinity are being used to turn a blind eye from the gross injustices and oppression that our social systems are built upon. Which further perpetuates oppression, racism, colonization, patriarchy, and poverty. And continues the vicious cycle of blaming the victim for their state. Privilege and innocence blind us to the fact that one can rise into spirituality only when our fundamental physical and financial needs are met. 

Those who care and feel for the world around them, organically know that being spiritual means showing up for life around you. Not everyone can pitch in equally. Which is understandable. But there are many who are confused about the link between spirituality and social activism. So how do we speak the truth to them?

Initially, spiritual growth brings the internal organization to make peace with our suffering and create meaning in our lives. We also build the necessary self-love, self-worth, confidence, and excitement to tap into creativity and possibilities. But with the advancement in spirituality, we start transcending our identities tied with just our physical form. That means our consciousness starts to expand our concept of Self no longer ties to just that one body that we seem to live in.

Everything that exists – all humans of all colors and all races living in all countries, all animals, all of the environment, all of the solar system, all of the Universe is understood and experienced as SELF. If any life is in pain, we feel that pain. With an increase in spirituality – we feel more, we relate more, we love more, we give more, we receive more, we become responsible for more, and we stand up for more – BECAUSE WE REALIZE WE ARE MORE.

Social justice, equality, community, and the divine right to belong become a right for each part of our Self. We feel pain when one part of our Self violates others. We will not decorate one part of our Self to let the other rot. Therefore our level of spirituality is reflected in the depths of our compassion, love, service, and responsibilities in action. 

Spirituality is being a Social and Political Activist.

Spirituality is Showing up and Engaging.

Spirituality is Whole Self Love.

Abundant Gifts of Ancestral Healing

Abundant Gifts of Ancestral Healing


Ancestral Healing (aka Family Constellations) is a beautiful healing process that reaches the level of truth and reconciliation where conventional wisdom fails to arrive. This wisdom looks at the individual as a living family tree with roots in ancestral and global history. It reveals the interconnections between our present and our ancestral past to bring the complexity of our human lives to light. This systemic lens reveals the hidden mysteries of our lives, and real solutions begin to emerge. 

Some of the many gifts of Ancestral Healing are –


Hidden Solutions

From time to time, we run into situations where conventional wisdom like Psychotherapy, Positive Thinking, Law of Attraction, and Visualizations fail to help. At best, we learn to manage and adapt to our conditions. When nothing else works, Ancestral Healing usually does. This process accesses a field of consciousness that is invisible to the conscious mind. Our intention for truth and reconciliation helps us travel through space and time, to meet our ancestors, history, and past lifetimes and clear the echoes of the past. 


Freedom of Free Will

On one level, we all have free will, and on another, there are forces beyond us that influence even what we desire. Sometimes in life, we end up making destructive or impulsive choices that we later spend a lifetime regretting. Ancestral Healing reveals how the hidden and unresolved forces of our lineage show up in our life demanding resolution and rest. When we acknowledge them, they also bless us to live freely. The freedom of choice that comes from such healing is very different from the western understanding of free will.


Claiming our Desires and Life Force

Sometimes in life, we don’t know what we want, are unable to manifest what we want, or do not feel satisfied after getting what we wanted. This usually happens when we are entangled with someone else’s story and lose touch with our essential selves. These situations are an indicator of our blind love for our ancestors taking over our lives. With Ancestral Healing, we can move past the failures, losses, and painful fates of our ancestors, and release ourselves from the contracts to finish what they could not. This healing brings clarity into our heart’s true desires and opens our power to create. 


Meeting our Cheerleaders

Ancestors celebrate when we move forward in our life. They have the wisdom, truth, and information that we need to succeed in our life and are ready to support us if we allow them. The dimensions where they live also help them learn from our journey. Ancestral Healing opens the pathways of love with these resources in ways never explored before. We witness our connection with our ancestors transcending time and space and learn to actively call upon them for support, guidance, and forward momentum.


Grounded Oneness and Compassion

Ancestral Healing shows us the complex familial dynamics, historical and social landscape our ancestors lived through. This truth helps to see their choices in a new light and differentiates the deed (sin) from the doer (sinner). The same perspective when extended to self and others, frees us from the paradigms of right/wrong and good/bad. It opens new pathways of understanding which brings us forgiveness, acceptance and compassion for self and others. This shift is required to bring healing and reconciliation for humanity.


Grounded Spiritual Awakening

Sometimes spiritual people lack the psychological growth and ability to hold space for the shadows and traumas of life. Their perpetual positivity disconnects them from the realities of life, and they might create more harm than good. Sometimes people lacking the spiritual path, find themselves drowning in suffering in the face of extreme trauma. Ancestral Healing, when done right has the potential to awaken us in a grounded manner. When we see the complexity of life, love, and suffering so up close, it removes the obsession for positivity or negativity. It frees us from the concept of a punishing God and connects us with spiritual resources beyond us.