Basic ThetaHealing


Life opens up to Higher Potential when we awaken our ability to consciously transform and create in Grace.

Basic ThetaHealing


Basic DNA ThetaHealing® workshops introduces the principles and techniques of ThetaHealing. In this workshop we will activate the Theta Brain Waves; understand the dimensions of existence of the Universe; uncover subconscious beliefs/memories; learn the process to get to the bottom of any issue; invoke healing for it and learn interesting ways to use this technique to improve our life and live like an Ascended Master does. 

To learn more about this modality, please go to Theta Healing.

Workshop Components

3 day event with some bonus components for continued support.

3 Day Workshop

3-Day (Fri-Sun) Basic ThetaHealing workshop.

Personal Mentoring

1 personal mentoring session to discuss personal challenges and review effective use of Theta Healing techniques to transform on personal and ancestral levels. The focus here is to deepen the ability to self transform.

Group Mentoring

2 group mentoring sessions to review ThetaHealing techniques, questions, and ways to transform at systemic levels, and discuss processes to integrate cultural wisdom into regular Theta Healing practice.

Program also includes Basic ThetaHealing book, Workshop manual and a Certificate of Completion.

Basic ThetaHealing Core Components


  • Introduction to principles of ThetaHealing®
  • Tapping into Love from different dimensions of existence
  • Introduction to Universal Laws
  • Connecting with transitioned Ancestors and Loved Ones
  • Connecting with Guardian Angels and Spiritual guides

Tools and Techniques 

  • Deep dive into how thoughts, feelings and beliefs are formed.
  • Identify and change, blocking Beliefs held in the Core, Genetic, Historic and Soul levels.
  • Learn techniques to transform physical, emotional and mental issues
  • Complete life lessons and release from karmic patterns

Sacred Self

  • Release outside energies and soul fragments lodged into our bodies
  • Honoring and protecting our Sacred Empath Self
  • Increase intuition and psychic abilities
  • Step into grounded Presence
  • Raise consciousness to Love and Compassion

Creative Power

  • Invoke Divine Love in every aspect of life
  • Honor our Life Force and precious time on Earth
  • Taking our rightful place in Existence 
  • Manifest and create Life Visions
  • Increasing love and harmony in relationships


What kind of support is offered after the workshop is over?
One personal mentoring session, two group mentoring sessions, and access to a private Facebook group are provided for continued support. These extra components are at no additional cost to you and require a larger time commitment from my end. And that is my commitment to you as your mentor.
How many ThetaHealing® workshops does one need to take to be an expert at healing?
ThetaHealing is a dynamic modality that continues to evolve to help us access new levels of healing and self realization. While there is no limit to the amount one can learn, my advice would be to at least take the Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing courses. These two courses really help cement the understanding and use of this modality. After that continued practice and experience can help one hone their healing skills.
Can I start doing healing sessions for others after the Basic ThetaHealing workshop?
Yes. Basic ThetaHealing course will give one enough tools and techniques to understand how healing works and how a healing session is supposed to be conducted. I do provide ample guidelines and precautionary steps to take for those new to the energy healing.