The New World is Coming

The New World is Coming

The new world is coming.

The world is in correction mode, creating unprecedented upheaval. 

Outburst spilled everywhere in our personal and collective stories. Not one aspect spared. Not one remains untouched. 

We are all in this together, and yet so many lost in isolation. Some of us are not going to make it. 

In all our spaces – relationships, community, politics, businesses, race, and gender – before we become anything else, let’s become Human. 

Heavens are dreaming of that world, where reaching out is normal. Where speaking truth is expected. Collective equality and sharing is celebrated. 

Our hearts are not going to settle for anything less than that now.

Quiet down, you, incessant noise and rush to reach the top of the mountain. On a good day, I can hear consciousness breathing. All will be well now.

She is leading the way. The new world is coming. 

I am a WOMAN

I am a WOMAN

I am wild, crazy and funny
Humble, loving, and caring
Intelligent, smart and savvy
Delicate and strong
Light, dark and the shadow
I am an enigma, I am whole
The Divine Mother, I am a WOMAN

I am just saying NO to some men
Dominant, arrogant and in your face ones
Humble, helpful, and spiritual ones too
I am saying NO
Don’t gather me around to teach, preach or dazzle
Your intelligence and prowess
Let’s share ideas instead

I don’t want you to be my teacher
My guru, my leader, my savior or my guide
I don’t need you to show me the light
How can you be so sure of it anyway
Can’t you see?
I would like to find my own way

I don’t want to emotional labor
Offering flowers of my silences
Nodding of my trained approvals
I just want you to be my friend
My lover, my partner, and my EQUAL
Nothing more, Nothing less

Come to me in that spirit
I might let you into the secret gardens of my Universe
Where gentle and delicate dreams are cooked
Portals of Love and Passion being brewed
Hiding the mysteries of life in my womb
Be still and quiet for a moment
You might just learn a thing or two !!