Family Constellations & Ancestral Healing

How many of us really feel free to be and do as we please?

Often our unconscious impulses take over and by the time we can course correct, it’s too late. The insights that comes from Constellation frees us from repeating our history and open doors to our true free will.

We live in a living universe and a living universe lives within us, influencing us in more ways than we can imagine. Our lives are not just a reflection of our life experiences, trauma, and joys of this life. Our Ancestors, our families, land, nature, animals, Spirit, and Earth all live within us. They nourish our Souls with their blessings and gifts. And they challenge us to our core with their unresolved trauma and oppression. Science has started waking up to this truth via Epigenetic’s but indigenous cultures knew this all along. 

Family Constellations is one such healing modality built on the principles of indigenous wisdom. Here we do not look for solutions to our problems within the confines of our life. But we expand the lens systemically to explore what unresolved suffering of our ancestors, families, races, and our lands echo in our lives. The same goes for our gifts, blessings, purpose, and desires – we explore what systemic forces are available and capable of support.

A constellation session can be done one on one, or in a group both. It can be done in person or online. And on the face of it, it looks similar to a shamanic psychodrama kind of a process. 

Are you dealing with the same life or relationship issues as your parents? 

Have you become exactly like the parent or loved one you ran away from?

Are you struggling with belonging with your adoptive parents or stepchildren?

Sometimes why are we stuck with nowhere to go? 

Are you searching for God or for your parent’s love?

Have you lost bits and pieces of yourself overtime and feel its too late now?  

Why do I keep experiencing loss of money, love, and belonging? 

Sometimes I hear the cries and songs of the Earth, Animals, and Nature. How do we step into that portal? 

What kind of Ancestor or Parent do I want to be? How do I not drag my children in my mess?

Why does the history of my country, culture, and race keep showing up in my life?

All our ancestors and future generations are present in us all the time. Happiness is not an individual matter. As long as the ancestors in us are still suffering, we can’t be happy and we will transmit that suffering to our children and their children.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

If you find yourself struggling with these situations a Family Constellation & Ancestral Healing Session will help.


Gifts from Family Constellations

Hidden Solutions

When nothing else works, constellations usually always do. They access a field of consciousness that is invisible to the conscious mind and therefore can reveal the hidden truth behind our situations. When that truth is acknowledged, it sets us free.

Love and Resources 

Constellations open the pathways of Love to our families, ancestors, and spirit guides in ways never explored before. We witness these love connections transcending time and space and learn to actively call upon them for support.

Intentions and Desires

Constellations help us distinguish our heart’s true desires from the unconscious unfulfilled desires of our loved ones. With renewed clarity, our life force is liberated to follow our heart’s wisdom and intent.

Freedom of Free Will

Constellations reveal how the hidden forces of our systemic conscience bind us to our unresolved ancestral history. It releases us from these dysfunctional loyalties and empowers us to claim freedom of choice.

Oneness and Compassion

Constellations expand our perspectives beyond the paradigms of right/wrong, good/bad, guilt/shame and opens pathways of understanding and inclusion. This raises our vibration to compassion and oneness.


Constellations help us include life in all forms. It open us to humility, surrender, divine grace, & love in the face of shadows & grief. It opens doors to grounded self-realization where the search for outside answers can stop. 



How is a constellation session different from a psychotherapy session?

Constellation therapy derives wisdom from traditional counseling but the basic difference is that every human being is looked upon as a part of the collective system. This collective system – “which includes the family system spread over generations, social culture, history of the land, and collective consciousness” affects the whole and the individual both. This perspective is extremely effective, compassionate, and avoids victim shaming.

Can I book a constellation session if I don’t know much about my ancestral history?

Constellation sets up our family tree, so knowing some details of our family, ancestors, culture, and the country is important. Knowing details beyond grandparents is often difficult and that is okay. Information uncovered in a constellation session often gives better questions to help us research our lineage. Cases of adoption, or cases where we have never met our biological parents, can still be constellated. These sessions will reveal the energetic and soul level information of your ancestors. 

Can I do a constellation session for professional issues?

Yes, off course. Constellations are extremely effective in exploring the hidden dynamics of a professional situation. It can shed light on how our ancestral entanglements are playing out in our professional life or how the hidden dynamics of the organization is influencing our professional experience. Constellation is an amazing tool to explore the mysteries affecting our financial setbacks, leadership ability and professional failures.