Ancestral Healing - Systemic Family Constellations

How many of us really feel free to be and do as we please?

Often our unconscious impulses take over and by the time we can course correct, it’s too late. The insights that comes from Constellation frees us from repeating our history and open doors to our true free will.

Dreams, Desires and Vision are the wings with which we fly. We have wings, but our roots lie in our families, ancestors, land and history. These roots run very deep, generations deep. They nourish our Souls with their blessings and gifts and they also challenge us to our core. If these roots are burdened by unprocessed oppression, trauma, suicide, abuse, grief, dysfunctional loyalties, racism, patriarchy, wars, genocide and colonization to name a few, then our wings can never really soar. The consciousness of these sufferings will live on in our lives and will be passed to future generations unless they are acknowledged and healed. Much of the suffering of our world can be found in these roots.

Systemic constellation

Systemic constellation is a way of working with issues within the human family systems, businesses, nature and social systems. Constellation therapy is used to examine issues that are systemic and transgenerational in nature, and which often lie outside of our everyday conscious awareness. This modality emphasizes the experiential method of inquiry and takes inspiration from family systems theories, transgenerational approaches, and even tribal customs and eastern philosophies.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations are used to examine personal issues. When the living family tree is setup in a constellation, family relationships and previously unrecognized ties across several generations become visible and comprehendible in a glance. It illuminates where we are entangled with the “unresolved unhappiness of the past”. This unresolved unhappiness could either come from our ancestors or our own Soul system. When that hidden mystery is revealed, our acknowledging and honoring of it creates space for love and compassion – for the past that our ancestors lived and for the future that is calling us. Time and space ceases to exist and the collective system unites to support our forward movements in life.  

All our ancestors and future generations are present in us all the time. Happiness is not an individual matter.
As long as the ancestors in us are still suffering, we can’t be happy and we will transmit that suffering to our children and their children.
~Thich Nhat Hanh


Gifts from Constellations

Hidden Solutions

When nothing else works, constellations usually always do. They access a field of consciousness which is invisible to the conscious mind and therefore can reveal the hidden truth behind our situations. When that truth is acknowledged, it does set us free.

Family, Ancestors and Resources 

Constellations connect us with our Family, Ancestors and Spiritual resources. It opens the pathways of Love in ways never explored before. We witness our connection with our ancestors transcending time and space and learn to actively call upon them for support.

Intentions, Desires and Life Force

Constellations help us distinguish our heart’s true desires from the unconscious unfulfilled desires of our ancestors. With renewed clarity our life force is liberated to follow our heart’s wisdom and claim our authentic desires.

Free our Free Will

Constellations reveal how the hidden forces of our systemic conscience binds us to our family, ancestors, history, religion and culture. It releases us from these dysfunctional loyalties and helps us be who we are. This frees our free will to live a life that is authentic and true.

Oneness and Compassion

Constellations reveal how our choices are fueled by blind love of our ancestors and history. This insight frees us from the paradigms of right/wrong, good/bad, guilt/shame and opens pathways of understanding, oneness and compassion – towards self and others. This will bring humanity closer to each other.


Constellation is one of the most powerful tools to discover who we are. It helps us think for ourselves and find our own answers. This process empowers us to choose a life path that not only works for our tangible reality here on Earth but also to carve our own unique path that brings us to the doorsteps of our Higher Self.

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General FAQ

How is a constellation session different from a psychotherapy session?

Constellation therapy derives wisdom from traditional counseling but the basic difference is that every human being is looked upon as a part of the collective system. This collective system – “which includes the family system spread over generations, social culture, history of the land and collective consciousness” affects the whole and the individual both. This perspective is extremely effective, compassionate and avoids victim shaming.

For example, lets say someone is dealing with depression or addictions. Traditional psychotherapy would address that either through medication or processing the behavior and attempting to use the will power to change course. But in constellations, we will explore the situation from a systemic perspective to explore what ancestral events are echoing in your life to fuel depression or addictions. Once the hidden is seen and acknowledged it automatically will relieve a lot of pressure. Then it becomes easier to align our conscious actions to our well being.

Can I book a constellation session if I don’t know much about my ancestral history?

Constellation sets up our family tree, so knowing some details of our parents, family, ancestors and the history of our land is extremely important. Knowing details beyond grandparents is often difficult and that is okay. When the constellation is setup, consciousness beyond human scale and our ancestors all come together to help reveal the hidden mysteries influencing our life. Often after a constellation, I have researched information on my lineage and I got surprising information because I had better questions to ask. In many ways I would have never learned those details about my ancestors, had it not been for the images revealed in a constellation. So sometimes constellations help us fill the gaps of our knowing but we need to know some basic information to start the setup. In cases where someone is adopted or have never met their biological parents, they can still constellate that situation and hopefully get some new information.

Can I do a constellation session for professional issues?

Yes, off course. Constellations are extremely effective in exploring the hidden dynamics of a professional situation. It can shed light on how our ancestral entanglements are playing out in our professional life or how the hidden dynamics of the organization is influencing our professional experience. Constellation is an amazing tool to explore the mysteries affecting our financial setbacks, leadership ability and professional failures.