Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing (Theta Healing) sessions are designed to invoke Divine Grace and Healing to recreate the energy matrix of our underlying situations. The sessions are done in an energetic field that is beyond duality and has the magical potential equivalent to our ability to receive. In these sessions, we open the portal to higher consciousness, step into presence, and invoke Divine Grace to claim our intentions with humility and trust. You can read more about Theta Healing.

Common situations explored in Energy Healing Sessions –

  • Invoke healing for physical and emotional issues
  • Release painful energies of grief, depression, sorrow, and suffering
  • Increase our ability to receive love
  • Liberate our power and life force
  • Increase love and harmony in relationships
  • Retrieve our lost soul fragments
  • Release outside energies & soul fragments lodged into our bodies
  • Liberate our Sacred Empath Self from the burdens absorbed from others
  • Taking our rightful place in our body and life
  • Complete life lessons and release from karmic patterns
  • Connecting with transitioned Ancestors and Loved Ones
  • Connecting with Guardian Angels and Spirit guides

Sessions are held in person, over Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype and will last 60-90 minutes. 

After been diagnosed with a terrible disease and after trying everything possible – western medicine, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic treatments, nothing had worked. The emotional frustration was wearing on me. A friend recommended working with Seema. In our work together, we uncovered the traumatic layers of my past that overshadowed my life. Within the first two sessions, I got my energy back. I started feeling light, my happiness and sleep everything started falling into place.

I know it can be difficult to wrap our minds around these miracles of energy healing but if you need any kind of relief from the pain I recommend you work with Seema. She calls upon divine assistance to help each individual. Seema has a keen ability to perceive beyond the world we see and that gave me the feeling of being deeply understood and supported. I am eternally grateful for the gifts this sweet friend and amazing woman have shared with me and continue to share with the world.

Maria Ortins

Seema is an amazing healer. She is very compassionate, knowledgeable and during a session, with her, I feel quite safe. This allows me to relax in the healing energy that she radiates, such that the healing can take place more effectively. One thing that I notice every time I ask her for a session, from the moment we schedule until the actual session my healing begins to take place. So I know Seema is already doing some work with me.

Seema’s healing has helped me release the emotions of the clients I counsel. As an empathic, I’ve had problems detaching from energies I take on from others. Something shifted dramatically down to my core during the healing session with Seema and has been with me ever since. I can now do many counseling sessions with clients in succession and come away still feeling positive and energetic. My clients, friends, and family have also noticed the difference within me. I highly recommend Seema as a healer and a compassionate seer. She sees things I cannot and then helps me work through the issues toward healing.

J.K. Colorado, USA