Family Constellation - Pune, India - Jan 20, 2019

Family Constellation Workshop – Pune, India

Jan 20, 2019 (9.00 am – 6.00 pm)


Welcome to our first Family Constellation healing workshop in Pune, India. A perfect space for Thinking people, Psychologists, Social workers, Social change makers, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries looking for a deeper healing and understanding of the karmic, ancestral and cosmic forces that influence our lives. It will be a day full of healing, adventure and unveiling.

Family Constellations is a unique healing modality to create personal, financial, professional and spiritual transformations. It goes deeper into the karmic and ancestral forces behind our life situations and transforms them there. This shifts the energy for our entire lineage. It also helps us see why we have the desires, impulses, challenges and strengths we have and how our love for our ancestors makes us repeat their history. With this understanding not only do we end up liberating ourselves but we also prevent passing our karmic issues to our children. This is a must learn for every person. 

All our ancestors and future generations are present in us all the time. Happiness is not an individual matter. As long as the ancestors in us are still suffering, we can’t be happy and we will transmit that suffering to our children and their children.  ~Thich Nhat Hanh

This workshop would be a perfect opportunity if you are looking for deeper understanding of some of these life questions –

Why do we unknowingly make destructive choices?  Why are some problems so complex that nothing seems to work? Why does it feel like sometimes we don’t really have Free Will?

Why do we sometimes have difficult relationships with parents, children, or spouses? Why does one go through similar marital struggles as parents? How does one make a real connection with adopted or stepchildren?

Why do we have financial difficulties, losses, or make bad financial decisions? How do we choose the right career? How to become a successful entrepreneur and make an impact?

Are Ancestors important? How to really connect with them? What is the difference between our Karma and our Ancestral karma? How do we connect with our spiritual resources free from the dogma of religion?

Location – Artsphere, Near Jogger’s Park, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, India

More Info – Email – or Whatsapp – 001 508 243 3534



What is the difference between Family Constellations and Psychotherapy sessions?

Constellation therapy derives wisdom from traditional counseling but the basic difference is that every human being is looked upon as a part of the collective system. This collective system – “which includes the family system spread over generations, social culture, history of the land, and collective consciousness” affects the whole and the individual both. This perspective is extremely effective, compassionate, and avoids victim shaming.

For example, if someone is dealing with depression or addictions. Traditional psychotherapy would address that either through medication and emotional support. In constellations, we will explore the situation from a systemic perspective and explore the unresolved ancestral events that are echoing in the present causing depression. Once those hidden forces are seen and acknowledged it automatically will relieve a lot of pressure.

Do I have to practice a specific religion to fit in this event?

No, absolutely not. All religions, faith, genders, and sexual orientations are welcome. Humanity is the only religion I want to practice. 

How do we prepare to invite deeper healing in this event?

The best way to get the most out of this workshop is to come on time and get all the things listed in the items to bring. Also please get clear on your intentions for this workshop, specific issues you need healing for, specific desires you want to manifest, or problems you need clarity on. Please also collect some information about your parents, grandparents, and ancestors beyond them. Basic information like where they were born, the kind of lives they lived, the challenges they faced, the similarities in your lives with them. Some basic information about the land you were born in would help as well. Collecting a little history about your parents, grandparents, ancestors, and the birth country will help you a great deal in uncovering the deeper roots of your issues.