Integration Session

Integration Sessions are designed to process and integrate healing work from your previous Ancestral Healing & Family Constellations sessions. These are best suited if you are dealing with a healing crisis, confusion, or overwhelm. Or if you need additional support to integrate emerging insights, challenges and possibilities. In these sessions, we open the portal to higher consciousness, step into presence, and invoke Divine Grace to process what is showing up with humility and trust.

These sessions will include –

  • Mapping of emerging challenges, insights, and possibilities
  • Energy Medicine, Mini Systemic Constellation or Mini Ancestral Healing
  • Customized tools and meditations to integrate healing movements

Sessions are held in person, over Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, and will last 60 minutes. 


What should I do to prepare for my session?

Drink plenty of water, as it is crucial to be fully hydrated. Eating something 30-60 minutes before the session is advisable to provide your nervous system the necessary fuel it needs. Please also show up at least 10-15 minutes early, settle down, arrange your laptop for the zoom call, and start focusing on your breath. 

Being clear on the situation to be explored, and the desired final outcome will give your session the required direction it needs. Be prepared to answer some information about your family, ancestral line of origin, history of your birth country, and your unique cultural guidelines. Writing your intentions on a piece of paper and praying to the Higher Dimensions (Divine Mother, Divine Father, Spirit) for support opens the portal for universal grace. 

What do I bring to my sessions?

Water bottle, tissues, small blanket, journal, and a pen.