Introduction to Power of Healing with Family Constellations

This program introduces the depth of personal and ancestral healing available with Family Constellations. We will look into the different levels of issues and suffering that happens in our nervous systems. 

When we understand these levels (personal, ancestral, karmic, and evolutionary), our life becomes clearer. We begin to understand why we have the issues we do and what to do with them. Our life energies begin to reorganize internally towards resolution, joy, and freedom.

This work will also reveal that our problems and blessings did not start with us. That it comes from a long line of our paternal and maternal lineage. If we want to really transform, we need to expand our lens to look at our life systemically. We need to include our parents, families, ancestors, culture, the history of our land in that lens. We need to understand what unfinished business or pain there echoes in our lives today.

As Carl Jung so wisely said – “It often seems as if there were impersonal karma within a family, which passes on from parents to children. It has always seemed to me that I had to … complete, or perhaps continue, things which previous ages had left unfinished.”

Program Outline

  • Introduction to Levels of subconscious pain
  • Introduction to Ancestral Healing 
  • Introduction to Family Constellations
  • Exploring the connection between our pain and our experiences, families, and ancestors
  • Exploring our Energetic Family Tree
  • Group Exercises for healing
  • Meditations to call upon Self and Ancestors

No prior experience necessary. Just come with an open mind and willingness to let this work touch your heart.

When – Saturday, July 18th, 1.00 – 5.00 pm

Cost – $100

Zoom link will be provided upon registration


What are the different levels of unconscious suffering?

Life’s suffering results from the pain we have endured in this life – the good and bad experiences we have had in this life. Most therapies address this level. But there are other levels of consciousness from where we experience pain. Some of our issues are inherited from our ancestors. We all have pain from this level but very few therapies are able to address that. Some of our issues are leftover business from past lives. Some of our issues are the push we need to evolve. Our challenges could be coming from these different levels or a combination of all of them. 

Why is healing Ancestral Karma important?

Ancestral Karma is passed down genetic knowledge, memories, and consciousness from our ancestors. These genetic memories also bear the records of traumatic events our ancestors endured or participated in. This usually shows up in our lives as instincts and impulses and is the hidden force behind our life’s suffering. Science addresses this via Epigenetics. So much of who we are, what we want, and what is blocking us comes from this unfinished business of our ancestors. Healing that is inviting true freedom. 


Who can attend this workshop?

This introduction workshop is good for anyone curious about this work. You do not need any prior experience and you can also be a seasoned mental health practitioner. The only criteria are that you are fully present and come with an open mind. It’s also important that you have respect, humility, and willingness to let this work touch your heart. 

I want to sign up but have additional questions.

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