Monthly Sessions

Monthly sessions are designed to support your long term healing process. These are best suited if you have not done a lot of personal growth work. Or if you are dealing with significant challenges, trauma, suffering, or developmental deficits.  

The main intention here is to make core-level healing work available in a safe and compassionate setting. These sessions will be done in a space free from the patriarchal and traditional psychological norms of positive thinking, positive feeling, and spiritually bypassing our real feelings and emotions. The fear, pressure, and confusion created by religion and the patriarchal concepts of God will be lifted as well.

Sacred Space is created to restore our connection with our bodies, feelings, emotions, and inner knowing to reclaim our inner portal to the Source of Life that we are. 

You can read more about my Systemic Healing Approach.


Healing work in these sessions will be systemic and will include a combination of –


Ancestral Healing



Womb Awakening


Family Constellations

Energy Medicine (Theta Healing)

Life visioning with Astrological guidance

Reflective Journal practices

Sacred Chanting

Multiple options from 2- 4 sessions per month, with heart-centered pricing, are available. 

There are only 8 spots at any given time for Monthly Sessions. Please first book your free consult to determine fit and availability.

Common Issues explored in Monthly Sessions 

Personal Issues

Developmental deficits; persistent negative feelings; blocked free will; destructive impulses; feeling stuck; lack of self-love; unworthiness; guilt; shame; anger; depression; grief; procrastination; obesity or underweight; heart closed to love…

Familial Issues

Difficult relationships with parents, children or siblings; marital conflicts; lack of peace in the family; experiencing similar relationship issues like your parents; divorce; persistent singlehood; unprocessed loss due to deaths, murders, or separation…

Professional and Financial Issues

Persistent failures; recurring harmful financial decisions; recurring financial loss; unable to hold a job; difficult relationship with authority or supervisor; lack of voice; lack of personal power; fear of entrepreneurship…

Social Issues

History of patriarchy, racism, slavery, privilege, oppression, colonization, and immigration in your lineage and its unique impact on your life. Feeling disconnected to the roots and wisdom of your land and ancestors; feeling trapped in your unique cultural factors…

Life Purpose Issues

Lack of courage when paving a brand new path; feeling out of place; feeling a lack of purpose; living your family’s desires; confusion about what you really want; creativity blocks; lack of engagement with life; feeling a lack of possibilities; difficulty bringing your gifts to the world…

Spiritual Issues

Lack of intuition; burdened empath self; absorbing outside energies; difficulty connecting with Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors; need clarity about Soul’s evolutionary desires; fear of God, and lack of connection with your internal Guru…