Private Sessions

Ancestral Healing

[ 3 – 4 hrs ]

Ancestral Healing Package takes a deep dive to uncover and release the hidden unresolved ancestral consciousness that lives underneath our blocks, suffering and trauma. Healing these unresolved systemic dynamics will not only liberate our personal lives but also prevent us from passing on the ancestral karma to our children.  Learn More

Energy Healing (Theta Healing) or Processing Session

[60-90 mins]

Designed to transform specific issues via Theta Healing (Energy Healing) or as followup Processing sessions.  In this session, we will open the portal to higher consciousness and invoke Divine Grace to heal and restore our connection with the flow of life. Learn More

Monthly Sessions

[Four 90 mins Sessions Per Month with Additional Support]

Monthly sessions are designed to support your long term healing needs. These are best suited if you have not done a lot of personal growth work and are dealing with significant amounts of trauma. There will be 4, 90min sessions per month with emergency support available. Learn More