Systemic Healing

Life’s mysteries

Life is complex, and the reasons why our life is the way it is, are equally complex. Sometimes our issues just need healing. Sometimes our challenges result from our Soul’s evolutionary desires. Sometimes they are caused by the oppressive and unethical systems we live in. Sometimes we are unknowingly entangled with the historical and ancestral trauma of the past. And sometimes, our issues are significantly crucial to experience so we can evolve to be the compassionate awakened Masters that we are all becoming. At the end of it, every life circumstance can be used as a vehicle for our ultimate purpose of liberation and enlightenment.

Discovering True Self

Often in my healing journey, I found that the solutions I achieved were fragmented. I was required to revisit the same situation several times with different experts. That was frustrating, and I started to think that something was fundamentally wrong with me. My relentless thirst for understanding who I am and why my life is the way it is, took me to several Spiritual Masters of different traditions. Each of those teachings gave me one piece of the overall puzzle and has informed a better understanding of life.

Systemic Healing

Systemic healing is about seeing the whole picture of who you really are, what your situation really is, and the inherent divinity within you that is waiting to be experienced. My commitment is to hold a space of possibilities for you, to not only be a co-creator in your healing journey but to help you birth a connection with something greater than yourself. 


Family Constellations & Ancestral Healing

Systemic Constellations is built on the principles of indigenous wisdom. Here we do not look for solutions to our problems within the confines of our life. But we expand the lens systemically to explore what unresolved suffering of our ancestors, families, races, and our lands echo in our lives. The same goes for our gifts, blessings, purpose, and desires – we explore what systemic forces are available and capable of support.

Energy Healing with Divine Grace (Theta Healing)

Theta Healing helps one assimilate all the systemic understanding of life and invoke divine grace for transformation. It empowers us to utilize our free will to shape our everyday life and destiny with the creative Source energy. Eventually, we learn to create from a place of neutrality (without duality) and raise our vibration to love and oneness. This wisdom helps us embody the virtues we came here to build and become the Awakened Masters we are. 

Human Design and Gene Keys

This wisdom helps us explore our unique divine makeup and sheds light on the shadows, challenges, and gifts we are given to reach mastery. This information helps us create an individualized healing approach that fits one’s true nature and empowers us to uncover our divinity.

Evolutionary Astrology 

This wisdom sheds light on the evolutionary journey our Soul has explored in prior lives and the evolutionary desire for this life. This information offers a crucial perspective that will empower us to walk towards our true north.