Theta Healing

The pledge of Theta Healing is to change the planet one person at a time.

ThetaHealing and Divine Grace

Humanity is at a crossroad of consciousness, where the intersection of our Personal transformation, Social responsibility and Divine Grace is absolutely required if we want to invite the new world we are all dreaming into manifestation. ThetaHealing is one such effective tool to collaborate with Divine Grace for healing, personal transformation and consciously shaping the way we are being. 

Health in Today’s times

Health and well being is one of the main concerns of humanity. With all the new research and information on health, our overall health is consistently declining. All the mind, body and soul interconnection has not effectively reflected back into the way mainstream health industry serves us. ThetaHealing is an extremely effective tool to help us with our physical health and well being.  Given the state of our healthcare systems today, having this knowledge is extremely empowering. The best part is that many hospitals around the world have recognized the effectiveness of this modality and now have Theta Healing practitioners providing alternative healing to their patients.

Everyday ease with ThetaHealing

ThetaHealing is a multifaceted technique which can bring in a lot of ease into our daily lives if know how to use it well. Parents can use this technique to invoke embodied wisdom to better care and guide their children. Students can use this technique to improve their focus, concentration and actively create their desired academic success. Professionals can use this technique to vision, create and manifest professional success. Leaders can use this technique to cultivate the mindful leadership skills required to be true visionaries. Organizations can use this technique to foster mindfulness, creativity, purpose and social impact. Individual seekers can use this technique to understand the different streams of wisdom from Spirit’s perspective and speed their spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Awakening

ThetaHealing opens us to the multidimensionality of our existence and helps us see our place in the Universe. It helps us understand the deeper purpose behind the play of our life and hence makes every experience meaningful in the larger scheme of things. With ThetaHealing, we also learn to actively engage with our Ancestors, Spiritual guides and Angels; understand & collaborate with the Laws of the Universe and learn to raise our energetic vibration to love and oneness.

How does it work?

In this technique we use the Theta brain wave to connect to the energy of the Creator (or Spirit or God). The Theta brainwaves govern the part of our mind that is layered between the conscious and the unconscious. When in this state it becomes easy to tap into the memories, beliefs and behavior of the subconscious and access the superconscious to transform them. In the workshops, we can learn the different ways to get into the Theta state, the proper process to get to the bottom of any issue and invoke healing for it, interesting ways to use this technique to improve our life, understand the landscape of the Universe and learn to live like an Ascended Master does.

Foundational Pillars of ThetaHealing

Powerful Creators

ThetaHealing® helps us awaken to the realization that we are powerful Creators, that life does not just happen to us but we unconsciously or consciously create it with our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and interplay with the Systemic forces; all to support the evolutionary arc of our Soul.

Feelings and Beliefs

ThetaHealing® is best known for the Belief and Feeling Work on all four levels – Core, Genetic, History, and Soul. Belief work helps identify how we are unconsciously creating life and the hidden purpose behind doing so. Transforming our beliefs supports us to live our purpose from a place of non-duality.

Seven Planes of Existence

7 Planes of Existence explains the Creator’s magnificent creation and our unique place in it. This understanding helps us travel between other dimensions and collaborate with their energy. It also shows us how to actively engage with our Ancestors, Spiritual guides & Angels and receive support from the Laws of the Universe.

Personal Mastery

With ThetaHealing we can identify and learn the lessons and virtues we came here to learn in the highest and best way. Eventually we learn to create and learn from a place of neutrality (without duality). This frees our blocked energy and raises our consciousness to love and oneness.


Everyday uses of Theta Healing

Co Creative Visions LogoInvoke healing on physical, emotional and soul levels
Co Creative Visions LogoInvoke healing for depression, anxiety, fears and phobias
Co Creative Visions LogoRelease energy of grief, suffering, shame, guilt lodged in the body
Co Creative Visions LogoUncover the deeper roots and purpose behind our life experiences
Co Creative Visions LogoRelease from ancestral entanglements and dysfunctional loyalties
Co Creative Visions LogoComplete life lessons and release from karmic patterns
Co Creative Visions LogoUnderstand the process of creation to create life magically and mindfully
Co Creative Visions LogoInvoke Divine Grace in all aspects of life and actively collaborate with Spirit
Co Creative Visions LogoManifest our life’s vision and desires from a place of neutrality (without duality)

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What is the Creator and do I have to change my religion to practice ThetaHealing®?
Creator is the spirit that intertwines and binds all things in existence. It’s the universal life force energy. Other names for the Creator are – Spirit or God. ThetaHealing technique is NOT affiliated with any religion. It’s an energy healing modality and it respects and appreciates every religion. If one feels attached to a particular divine being like Jesus, Krishna, Allah or any other divine being, we can invite that energy to help support you during your session.
Can I use the ThetaHealing® technique on myself?
The pledge of Theta Healing is to the change the planet one person at a time. This technique is very easy to learn and very easy to practice on self. Even if one does not want to become a professional healer, one can learn this modality for self-healing and transformation. In no time, Theta Healing will become a magical tool supporting your life.
How is Theta Healing different from other energy healing modalities?
In some energy healing modalities we invoke the Divine Source energy to heal us and we passively receive the healing. It’s a beautiful and simple process. With ThetaHealing, we are actively involved in our healing process. With proper training, we learn to uncover the deeper mysteries and purpose behind our situations, so we can effectively invoke divine grace to heal the issue and invoke our free will to choose the way we participate and create life. This modality can also be actively used to create, manifest and meditate.
Can Theta Healing be used for situations other than healing a problem?
Yes. Theta Healing is a dynamic energy healing modality, which can be complimented with the mystical wisdoms of various cultures. Healing a problem is a very small part of this modality. Theta Healing open us to the multidimensionality of our existence and helps us see our place in the Universe. We can learn to actively engage with our Ancestors, Spiritual guides & Angels, understand & collaborate with the Laws of the Universe, learn about different aspects of life from the perspective of Spirit and finally shape our energetic vibration. This modality is a great supportive tool for parents, students, teachers and leaders. Some organizations have started hosting Theta Healing seminars for their staff to increase mindfulness within their teams.
Can Theta Healing be used systemically for social change?
This question gives me a lot of hope for our world. Many organizations have slowly started offering Theta Healing workshops to create an organic space of mindfulness, truth, compassion, harmony and peace between their diverse teams. They have dialogue sessions to explore where racism, sexism, greed, abuse of power is alive within their system. Then along with all the practical actions they take, they can also have ThetaHealing sessions for their teams to learn the new ways of being and creating that aligns with their values. This makes the process from desiring to being an efficient journey.