Events and Specials

Introduction to Power of Healing with Family Constellations – Online Program – July 18 (1.00-5.00pm)

This program introduces the depth of personal healing & freedom available with Family Constellations and Ancestral Healing. We will look into the different levels of issues and suffering that happens in our nervous systems. When we understand these levels (personal, ancestral, karmic, and evolutionary), our life becomes clearer. We begin to understand why we have the issues we do. Our life energies begin to reorganize internally towards resolution, joy, and freedom. Learn more…


Basic Thetahealing Workshop – Online, Aug 7 -8, 2020

Basic DNA ThetaHealing® workshop introduces the principles of Energy Healing, the multidimensionality of our existence, our place in the Universe, and techniques to marry our intent with Divine Grace. We will cover the process of healing, uncovering the roots of our situations, recreating the energetic matrix holding our suffering, and ways to live from a balanced space of non-duality. Lastly, we will also learn to connect with our Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Angels, and the Laws of the Universe.


Advanced Thetahealing Workshop – Online, Oct 9-11, 2020

Advanced ThetaHealing® expands on the information covered in the Basic Thetahealing course. Here we will go deeper into the understanding of the dimensions of consciousness and deepen our ability to work with them for personal healing and transformation. Each participant will receive lots of healing which is a huge blessing for your evolutionary journey.

Some of the most important topics are healing the baby in the womb, retrieving soul fragments and healing a broken soul, and releasing deep sorrow, grief, and resentment. And finally, the most loved topic is working with the Universal Laws and learning how to Bend Time.


Prosperity Blessings from Ancestors – Online, Nov 6-8, 2020

Prosperity workshop opens us to prosperity consciousness and principles that allow a greater flow of abundance in our lives. We will uncover the blocks, mindsets, trauma, ancestral entanglements, fears, and losses that affect the flow of money, and success in our life. Multiple dimensions of consciousness and Divine Grace will be invited for healing through rituals, songs, and energy healing. Details coming….

Past Workshops

Advanced Theta Healing Workshop – Boston, Aug 23-25, 2019

Basic Thetahealing Workshop – Boston, Apr 26-28, 2019

Family Constellation Workshop – Pune, India, Jan 20, 2019

Advanced Theta Healing Workshop – Boston

Basic Theta Healing Workshop – Boston

Family Constellation Workshop – Stories of Home – Boston

Family Constellation Workshop – Belonging – Boston